"...provocative, athletically-inclined choreographer" - Cindy Sibilsky, BroadwayWorld



"In the case of Eryc Taylor Dance, they convey a concern for the inner life, for the way people come into contact with others, for the beauty of the encounters, for the anguish that the absent one arouses." - Valentine Boeta, Yucátan Baila    

"Eryc Taylor builds bridges, not walls"  Isabel Flores, La Prensa

"Skill, sweat, and sex appeal make this a must-see" - Scott Stiffler, ChelseaNOW

"Eryc Taylor Dance dancers enjoy the freedom to develop a personal way of moving, exploring their temperament, enhancing their personality and putting their life experiences at stake.Juan Hernandez, El Universal

"Pass MiMA, on W42nd Street, and you’d assume it was just another residential high-rise. But enter its glossy lobby, take the elevator, follow a meandering corridor, and you find yourself in the mother ship of a contemporary dance company with its heart in the community." - Ruth Walker, W42ST




"In this sense, the New York company is nothing but exceptional because while it requires its members to be versatile, flawless and have virtuous technical training, they are also able to adapt to alternative spaces and take creative risks." - Juan Hernandez, El Universal 

"(An) intimate and epic hour, which left the performance area speckled with sweat from an absurdly well-conditioned quartet whose interlocking limbs, twists, leaps, and general displays of intensity elicited gasps of awe (and, by evening’s end, a standing ovation)" - Scott Stiffler, ChelseaNOW 

"Something rarely achieved by choreographers in this world." - La Jornada Maya

"STUNNING" - Gazelle Paulo, FreakChic


"The choreographies seek to find, explore, and execute new points of view and combine styles of dance inside and outside the norm." - DanzarevistaMX

"It’s easy to see the appeal of his work which is sexy, exhibitionist, vaguely mysterious and undemanding to the eye or mind. Mr. Taylor clearly has a vision and philosophy and sticks with it." Joel Benjamin, Theater Scene

"Taylor’s movement is viscous—not quite solid and not quite liquid." - Melanie Brown, StageBuddy


"This constant tension, creates a visually exciting language between the dancers. And for the audience, a tantalizing mystery." - Chuck Gomez, Huffington Post


"These raw, brutally honest pieces reveal the dancers’ inner psyches and underlying impulses through structures inspired by the beauty of the human form in motion." - MustBeDance

"Eryc wisely does not belabour his point: with each short work you don't find yourself saying "Will this never end?" but rather thinking each piece could be even longer." - OberonOberon's Grove

"Excitement, Grace, Power, Beauty; This is a company to watch" - Devin Pullins, iDanza