ETD/NCG Rehearsal Visit: Kanon Sapp / by Eryc Taylor

This year, I added a new feature to the ETD/NCG process; One on One Dance Business Management Consultation. I sat down with each choreographer to discuss the business aspect of the beginning a dance company and running a non-profit. Each choreographer was extremely receptive to their meeting and almost immediately began implementing my advice. From social media to website design, each of the ETD/NCG Emerging Choreographers are setting themselves up for success. In addition to the business consultation, I also visited each Recipient’s rehearsals and provided feedback on their pieces. Up first was Ms. Sapp.!

My first impression of Kanon was that she is an extremely methodical choreographer. Upon entering the room she had the entire rehearsal planned down to the minute. Preparing choreography beforehand, she did not waste time. Her process is organized, but also receptive of whatever the dancers or observers throw her way. She takes feedback gracefully and continues to have an open dialogue throughout creation.

Kanon’s work is titled V E I L and features three strong female movers. They weave in and out of the space seamlessly. Through intense gesture work, her story unfolds before us.

Check out the video below to see her progress so far and follow Kanon on IG @kanonlikeboom and @loosekanondance. Also, do not forget to reserve your tickets for the ETD/NCG Studio Showing on Saturday October 13, 2018. There will be two showings; 7PM and 8:30PM.