Guest Blog by ETD Composer Salomon Lerner / by ETD

About 5 years ago I got a call from a friend asking me to cover for her playing piano for a movement workshop at a PGCMH residence (Post Graduate Center for Mental Health), a program led by Eryc Taylor which brought movement and dance classes to recovering patients. 

I came in to sub for my friend not knowing what to expect; there was no sheet music for the gig. I walked in when Eryc was warming up for the class he was leading. He kindly showed me where the piano was and his only direction was to play anything I felt would support the movement. It was a very freeing experience for me as a musician. And even though too much freedom can be terrifying for a composer, the freedom Eryc gave me was confined by the comforting greater purpose of supporting the movement of mental health patients.  

I improvised music on the piano which Eryc responded to. And I also responded to his movements with my music. It felt like a fluid conversation between music and dance with the common goal of helping people in need. 

The collaboration I had with Eryc that day has only grown since then. He has commissioned original scores from me in a wide variety of musical styles but always maintaining the same conditions: a lot of musical freedom for a greater purpose.

When I got the call to work on the music for E A R T H, it made total sense with Eryc's style: he basically asked us to create music and dance to tell the story of our planet and how it is urgent for the world to take action in saving it. He gave a very specific outline and goal, while also giving us the artistic freedom to do something we truly believed in as humans. 

I feel proud to work with ETD in projects like this which surely make us, the artists involved, grow as professionals and as people, while also supporting a greater cause to hopefully raise awareness of our planets urgent needs.

About Salomon Lerner. . .

Salomon Lerner has an M.F.A. from NYU's Tisch Graduate Musical Theatre Writing Program. He
studied Film Scoring at the Berklee College of Music and Composing at the Ars Nova School of Music (Caracas). In New York, he has works as composer, orchestrator and music director for off-Broadway
shows. His original compositions have been performed at various renowned venues including La Mama's Ellen Stewart Theater (New York) and Barrington Stage Company (Pitttsfield, MA) and the Colony Theatre (Miami Beach, FL). He also founded the VirtualStudio.NYC which connects musicians and engineers around the world to produce top-quality recordings online.
Before moving to New York, he worked professionally as a music director/conductor, a composer for film, TV, and theatre, and a record producer and arranger in his native Venezuela.