Eryc Taylor Dance New Choreographer Grant 2018 - OPEN FOR SUBMISSIONS! / by Eryc Taylor Dance

(ETD/NCG) 2018

I’m thrilled to announce that the Eryc Taylor Dance New Choreographer Grant will be accepting applications for the fifth consecutive year. I created this unique program to give young, aspiring choreographers the funds needed to create a new dance work. It was very difficult for me as a young choreographer in the big city to rent rehearsal space, pay dancers to rehearse and self-produce studio showings. While it was overwhelming I was determined, against all odds, to keep going. After graduating from college I relied on the kindness of others to help me to progress in my career to get to where I am today. When I founded ETD 12 years ago my mission was to create a multi-faceted company that would allow me to use my art form to help heal, create, and inspire others.  The New Choreographer Grant is a part of our ETD Outreach division and I’m honored to be in the position to keep paying it forward. Past recipients include Gierre Godley, Aaron McGloin, Eryn Rennee Young, and Nick Rodrigues.

Below are the submission details for the 2018 ETD/NCG: 

Eryc Taylor Dance will begin accepting submissions for the Eryc Taylor Dance 2018 New Choreographer Grant; applications will be available beginning today, Friday, June 1st. Please visit the link at the bottom of the blog to submit your application; deadline for submissions is FRIDAY, JULY 6, 2018 – no exceptions.

Each year, ETD awards three Grants to young, emerging NYC-based choreographers. These grants allow choreographers to produce a 15-20-minute new work in progress; awardees will be invited to perform their individual works in process at a studio showing at the Martha Graham Studio Theater on Saturday, October 13, 2018 7PM and 8:30PM.

Guidelines for Submission: 

  • Must be a graduate from a certificate, undergraduate, or graduate school
  • Have never independently directed an evening length production  
  • Must not have received funding from a private or government organization 
  • Must apply with a concept idea that has not yet been choreographed or performed - the submission must be an original concept
  • This grant is meant for individual choreographers ONLY; collaborations with other choreographers or  ‘collective’ are not allowed. 

    Eligible applicants must be able to demonstrate their financial need, dance training, choreography, style and vision for a 15-20 minute original performance that includes at least two dancers.

Selection Process:
A committee will review all submissions to verify eligibility; applicants will be graded individually based on merit, dance experience, demonstrated passion for choreography, and innovation of the production. Ten finalists will be selected to move on to the next round.

Each finalist will be interviewed in person by Eryc Taylor (Artistic Director) and Nicole Baker (Rehearsal/Logistics Director). Based on each this interview, three choreographers will be selected to receive an ETD/NCG award of $1,000.

What to Expect:
Grantees are given three months to create a piece, secure dancers, find rehearsal space, decide on costuming, hire a videographer, and/or anything else they would want to use their grant to provide.  Throughout the creation process Eryc will be available to provide advice and guidance, but the freedom to create is in complete control of each recipient. At the culmination of the 3-month creative period there will be a studio showing that is open to friends, family, and all supporters of dance!

Click the button below to submit your proposal for the 2018 ETD/NCG (IN ORDER TO SUBMIT YOU MUST HAVE A GOOGLE ACCOUNT)! Remember the deadline is Friday July 6, 2018.  Please also help us support dance in NYC by sharing this opportunity with others!

   The 2018 ETD/NCG program     is funded by a generous grant from the Marta Heflin Foundation.

   The 2018 ETD/NCG program is funded by a generous grant from the Marta Heflin Foundation.