Bagels and Bubbles - An afternoon with the ETD Junior Board! / by Eryc Taylor Dance



Eryc Taylor Dance hosted an informal get-together for potential members of our very first “Junior Board.”  Our Junior Board is being created to expand & enhance ETD’s presence within both the Dance and Outreach Communities throughout NYC. Our goal is two-fold; we want to give young professional a chance for active involvement with a working nonprofit organization and to bring fresh faces from different career fields into our community. The Junior Board will give members real-world experience and an opportunity to build skills in the areas of marketing, networking, event planning, and fundraising; all of which are directly transferable to other professional pursuits. We also hope that by bringing in professionals from different backgrounds we will yield new perspectives that will allow us to further refine our programs to be reflective of the needs and wants of our community partners.

Our informational meeting, largely organized by Marsena Faris, a long time patron and Board Member, was a Bagels and Bubbles theme. Marsena spearheaded the conception of the event and helped to gather potential members from all walks of life - fashion, sports, finance, law, and more. The energy in the room was buzzing and filled with possibilities and Royal Wedding inspired mini cupcakes (elderberry and lemon; Marsena brought them to class up our event).

Throughout the afternoon we got to know each person a little more, we shared stories, snacked on bagels and cupcakes, drank rosé (generously provided by Eden Williams of Fleurs de Prairie - their rosé is extremely refreshing and was perfect for our afternoon soiree!), and we finished the event with an informal performance by some of our company members. AJ Guevara, Taylor Ennen, and Nicole Baker performed an excerpt of Cycles for our guests. It was a successful afternoon and we couldn’t have asked for a better group of young professionals!

The members in attendance, and a few that were unable to make it out will be invited to participate in many of the same duties as our regular Board members and will be given the latitude to spearhead initiatives that facilitate increased community involvement with ETD.  Each Junior Board member or team of Board Members will be responsible for the planning/organizing/hosting of one fundraising event for ETD during the year as well as participating in regular “brainstorming” sessions regarding ways to broaden the scope of Eryc Taylor Dance/Outreach.

If you are interested in learning more about this real-time opportunity to build community and grow a forward-thinking nonprofit, (and possibly learn a few new dance steps) please reach out to us at