Photoshoot w/ Shannel Resto: Having A Field Day in Patricia’s Closet! / by Andrew Tran

I’ve always loved working with photographers. The way they can see the beauty in every moment, movement and minute detail and then share that captured magic with others is incredible and inspiring. Photography is a collaboration between the subject, lighting, makeup, costumes and conditions with the person behind the camera trapping that lightning in a bottle through their lens. I especially love working with photographers who understand dance and high action shots as well as still or studio work and Steven Menendez is a longtime favorite.

📷: Shannel Resto | Ft. Taylor Ennen, Alex Tenreiro Theis, Nicole Baker, Camille Workman

I did a recent shoot with Shannel Resto, an exciting young, aspiring photographer in April. Shannel came to me with an idea of using color blocking and bold, bright colors for a fresh Spring 2018 look that would have extra “pop” through layering the photos w/ gels.

We played around with Pintrest to create a vision board for the project. I immediately thought of Patricia Field as a source of inspiration for the clothing. I contacted her showroom and spoke with Michael. He had it approved and then let me come in and “play dress up” in Patricia’s “closet.” I was granted full access to anything in her showroom and archives to pull fashion for the shoot! What a “Field” day it was!


After exploring the endless options, we finally agreed upon using some fashions by Lara Padilla, David Dalrymple (who has designed for Pat for years), Iris Bonner of @thesepinklips (who was just commissioned to do Stephen Petronios new bodysuits) and Jody Morlock (she is killing it right now on the fashion scene!).

Patricia Field has been an inspiration for me for years!  As most New Yorkers and millions of others, I was obsessed with Sex in the City and her dazzling costuming of the ladies and gentlemen of that special time in NYC.

I was personally introduced to her when I first moved to NYC in 1996 when her store was in 8th street in the Village. That's where I met NYC’s iconic nightlife royalty such as: Amanda Lepore, Richie Rich, Jo-Jo Americo, Keny Keny and more.

I got the chance to walk in one of her fashion shows in the late ‘90s, complete with 6-inch stiletto heels, hot pants, bat wings and yellow/green/blue hair extensions piled on the top of my head coming all the way down to my back. Pat was known to come to some of my pop up dance performances before ETD was formed. Pat has also been a kind and generous supporter ETD in the past.
I have been a friend, collector and collaborator with Scooter LaForge as well. He hand-painted costumes for two of my works: "Relax...It's just Ibiza," in 2014 and most recently, "Song For Cello and Piano,” in 2016.  He is a proud protege of Pat’s and works very closely with her.

This shoot with Shannel, a budding talent, felt like a haze of nostalgia and transported me back to of all of those key, formative moments in my life and career in the city, interacting and collaborating with such renowned NYC legends, and a glance into what other thrilling possibilities the future can hold when we work together in collaboration and creativity to make magic happen!