Many of you know Chris Bell as a company dancer for ETD but he is also an incredible instructor for our ETD Outreach program! He has taught workshops at PCMH and The Acacia Network at various sites in The Bronx and Brooklyn and he has also co-curated programming for ETD Outreach in collaboration with Lantern Community Services last year. He is an extremely talented and giving instructor.

When did you begin dancing? Has being a dancer always been your dream job?
I began dancing at a musical theater day camp when I was 5. Dance has always been a constant in my life since then.

When did you join ETD Outreach? Where do you teach for us? How has your experience been so far? 
I joined ETD Outreach when I joined the Main Company in 2016. I have gotten the opportunity to teach with the company in Mexico and Upper Manhattan with Lantern Community services where we got the amazing opportunity to perform and be a part of the Uptown Arts Stroll. 

What other dance, theater, or film companies have you worked for or taught with? 
In addition to ETD Outreach, I have also taught for Dixon Place, DanceNow/NYC, Pascal Rioult Dance NY, Marquis Studios, and TADA! Youth Theaters, The American Theater of Harlem, and Marble Collegiate Church.
In addition to ETD I also dance for dendy/donovan projects, Gaspard&dancers and my own company CHRISBELLDANCES

What is your ultimate goal as a professional dancer/instructor?
I would love to have my own successful dance company, maybe choreograph a Broadway musical, and get a Tenure Track professorship somewhere

Describe your style of dancing and teaching. What artists have impacted you the most?
My style of dance and teaching is rooted in fundamentals. A clear understanding of the building blocks of movement gives the student the ability to create for themselves which is the ultimate goal. 

What public figure has had the biggest influence on you and why?
It might be naive but I believe the people closest to you influence you the most so I am influenced a lot by family and friends who inspire me daily.

Do you have a quote or mantra that you live by?
"Do Good" and/or "Too much work for not enough pretty"

What's been the largest obstacle/struggle in your life to becoming an artist in NYC? How did you overcome it?
Just living in NYC is a struggle but trying to do that while being an artist is exceptionally difficult. But, I have found that if you utilize your network, stay focused on your art, do anything and everything you feel comfortable doing that will help you get to the next level, occasionally breath and Work... Hard.