#BuildaBridge Fundraiser Launch! / by Andrew Tran


#BuildaBridge IS a cultural exchange program created by eryc taylor dance & umbral danza contemporea ac, A NONPROFIT DANCE SCHOOL LOCATED IN Mérida, MEXICO. fIND OUT HOW IT ALL STARTED AND HOW YOU CAN HELP BELOW!


Eryc Taylor Dance believes it is more important than ever to reach out to our neighbors to spread cultural unity through dance. #BUILDABRIDGE‘s goal is to transform ETD's ongoing relationship with Mexican nonprofit dance school, Compañía Umbral Danza Contemporánea A.C, into a full fledged annual cultural exchange program.

Since 2013, Eryc Taylor Dance has partnered with Umbral to host and teach dance workshops to the local residents from young, aspiring dancers, adult folkloric dancers, and youth victims of violence, abuse and mistreatment. ETD also stages full evening length performances during the tour, at venues provided by Umbral, free to the public. 

Adding to our programming, in April 2017, Eryc Taylor Dance hosted 9 female aspiring dancers from Mexico who were awarded Umbral's NYC Scholarships. Through this scholarship, the girls were able to take dance classes throughout New York City, which included Alvin Ailey,  Eryc Taylor Dance Company Class, and a special Dancehall workshop by ETD Outreach instructor, Jeo Flemming. Our partnership with Compañía Umbral Danza Contemporánea A.C is very powerful and we hope to increase our impact in 2018!

Eryc Taylor is of Mexican descent himself and feels strongly tethered to our work with Mexico and Latin America. With immigration being such a pressing issue in today’s world, Eryc feels that the power of dance can not only heal, but also create outlets to bring people together. ETD promotes diversity by helping participants in their host countries learn about each other's cultures through the use of movement- it is the perfect time for programs like ours to grow and expand. Especially when under-served children are involved. These children look forward to our visit every year; please help us make this year even better!

Head to the fundraiser page for more information & some perks!