Instructor Spotlight: Susana Blanco Fernández / by ETD





    Susana Blanco


As our programming with ETD Outreach is always growing, so must our teaching staff! Susana Blanco Fernández is new to #teamETD, but she is taking on our workshops by storm!

Having graduated with a Dance Science Degree from European University (Spain), Susana comes to us with a vast knowledge of multiple dance techniques. Her professional training includes Jazz, Hip hop, Contemporary, Latin Fusion and Flamenco! Susana is a jack of all trades and has performed with Sheila Barker, Ashlee Dawson, Maria Torres and AntBoogie, to name a few.

Beside her skilled dance training, Susana is also bilingual. This is an extremely helpful tool that she is able to bring with her to our workshops. Many of our client’s first language is Spanish so comprehending an english speaking dance workshop is difficult. Susana is able to successfully communicate with them on a more personal level. She is a highly sought after instructor and we couldn’t be happier to have her on our teaching staff!

We spoke with Susana to learn a little more about her life as a dancer in NYC...

When did you begin dancing?
When I was 13 years old.

Has being a dancer always been your dream job?
First my dream job was being a dancer, then I start to also love teaching and choreographing. But for now, being a dancer is on top of the list.!

When did you join ETD Outreach? I joined ETD last year doing substitutions and now I have my own workshops. I´m very happy to be a part of the ETD instructors.

Where do you teach for us?
I´m teaching for Acacia Network at Bronx and Anderson Av, and this friday I will start with PGCMH at Kelly St and Hull Av!

How has your experience been so far? On one hand, it is a challenge because they are not students going to a dance school. Some days they feel like they want to dance and other days they don´t. So as an instructor you have to find the best way to keep the workshop exciting for them and make sure that they are enjoying being there with you. On the other hand, I really feel very grateful when we finish the workshop and they said that they had a good time dancing.

What other dance, theater, or film companies have you worked for or taught with?
Right now I´m a dance member of Kalamandir dance company, and part of the cast of the musical "The Rating game". I also teach at Cathy´s Dance studios during the weekend, Jazz and Hip hop for kids and teenagers.

What is your ultimate goal as a professional dancer/instructor?
As a dancer - to dance on Broadway, or some big Production! :)

And as an instructor, in the future I would like to have my own dance studio in Spain and share with my students all the great things that dance gave me and continue giving me every day.

Describe your style of dancing and teaching. What artists have impacted you the most?
My style is a fusion! I´m a curious human and I love to learn, same as a dancer. I like to train in every single style to have the best part of each of them.

If a have to pick I would say that my favorites are Jazz and Hip hop.

Two artist that I admire, follow, and love are Sheila Barker and Jared Grimes. They are amazing dancers and choreographers but more than that they are incredible mentors and teachers. I really admire the way they teach and help all the students.

What public figure has had the biggest influence on you and why?
I don´t have any public figure that really make a influence on me. I love a lot of Broadway stars that makes me smile every time I see them on the stage; Bob Fosse, Gwen Berdon, and Liza Minelli. They are magic!

Do you have a quote or mantra that you live by?
"Every moment is precious to those who know the value of time" Branded Lux   

What's been the largest obstacle/struggle in your life to becoming an artist in NYC? How did you overcome it?
To get the artist visa to be able to stay in USA and work as a dancer.  Fighting, crying, breathing and with a looooooooot of support of amazing people.