2018 ETD/NCG Rehearsal Visit: Jordan Ryder / by Andrew Tran

Rounding out my rehearsal visits for the 2018 ETD/NCG, I traveled to the Martha Graham Studios (where the 2018 Studio Showing will take place) to see what Jordan Ryder has been creating. Working with six dancers and an original composition, her piece is a force.

Almost frenetic, Jordan choreographs from a very deep and genuine place. She creates movement in an instant then chisels away at each section until she feels comfortable with its form. Working with an original composition has proven challenging for her as the music is not what she normal works with. Jordan is stepping outside of her comfort zone with this piece and she is handling it with ease.

After viewing the work so far, I had a few suggestions. Jordan and her dancers were like sponges - they took in everything I said and tried their best to articulate it within the framework of the piece. I was very impressed with their maturity and gratitude for being a part of this process. I was reminded in this rehearsal why I do this every year - I love helping young choreographers, and dancers, find their voice.

Jordan has officially launched her website for her dance company, RyderDance. Follow her for updates beyond this experience. Also, check out her work at the 2018 ETDNCG Studio Showing at the Martha Graham Studio Theater on October 13, 2018 at 7PM and 8:30PM.