Steven Menendez is a Fine Art, Portrait and Fashion Photographer, in New York City who also happens to be one of my close friends. If you haven't seen his amazing work, go check it out at As an artist, I make it a point of creating communities within my own circles to elevate the work itself, because collaborations often birth something more beautiful than being caught up in my own mind. It’s important to me that art is not only being created, but seen by people who appreciate and are excited by it. 

We had such a fulfilling experience working with Steven during our last photoshoot. We collaborated on the clothing and styling of the shoot, settling on a black/white 1980's Herb Ritts tone. It was a high energy shoot, but so smooth and flawless due to everyone's professionalism and just the spark Steven and I have in the studio. The photos are brilliant and were used by Michael Apuzzo of Dancers for Good for extensive marketing. We are so grateful Steven shared his talents with us.

Stay tuned! We will be working with Steven again in the near future....But for now, check out the results from our first collaboration in the photos below!