As you may or may not know, I have a close friendship and creative relationship with the renowned composer, Gerald Busby

Gerald Busby studied music at Yale University. He has worked with dancers, choreographers, filmmakers, and all artists alike to create masterpieces in sound. Busby composed the original score for one of Paul Taylor's most acclaimed works, "Runes." The piece premiered in Paris, France, 1975 and has had nearly 1,000 performances since, including being featured on the PBS series, Great Performances, Dance in America. In addition to creating over 200 concert works in multiple genres, Busby’s collaborations include the score to Robert Altman’s film 3 WOMEN and operas with librettist Craig Lucas.

In 2016, Eryc Taylor Dance received a gift from Busby, an original score made just for Eryc, titled "Dances on Wood.”  The same year, the piece had it’s world premiere at the José Peón Contreras Theater in Mérida, Mexico, during ETD's Mexico Tour.

Collaborating with such a musical genius heightened my work. It forced me out of my box and gave me the inspiration to create truly avant garde movement. Busby was involved in every part of the process and as a thank you, "Dances on Wood," is dedicated to Gerald Busby, forever.

The success of our relationship sparked a new weekly tradition, Sundays at 4, with Gerald. Our professional relationship developed into our close friendship, and now every Sunday I visit Gerald at his apartment at the Chelsea Hotel and listen as he shares not only advice but also stories from his career. His story can be found on the PBS Special, “Gerald Busby’s Lust for Life,” where he also talks about our collaborations and energy!

In efforts to move our relationship forward, I am happy to announce that Gerald Busby will be ETD’s official Musical Advisor. Next season we will be working even closer together as he joined ETD's diverse advisory board to curate music for the company. 

Gerald Busby & Eryc Taylor at the ETD 10th Anniversary Gala

Gerald Busby & Eryc Taylor at the ETD 10th Anniversary Gala