Another Successful ETD/NCG! / by Andrew Tran

Looking back on the 2017 ETD/NCG Studio Showing, I am so proud of what our recipients accomplished. Each year hundreds of applications are submitted to our panel that work tirelessly to narrow it down to the top three. Being that there is so much incredible talent in New York, we tried to find choreographers with potential to create a new work in progress, which we produce with an open studio showing at the end of 3 months at NYLA. I am so impressed by the work created by Nick Rodrigues, Robert Burke, and Rachel Hettinger. The show was diverse and had wonderful feedback from the audience. I look forward to see how their work develops and what the future holds for them. For more about our Eryc Taylor Dance New Choreographer Grant (ETD/NCG), please visit us online at

To follow their journeys in NYC ...

Robert Mark Burke: @robertmarkdance

Nick Rodrigues: @nicknitro3393

Rachel M. Hettinger: @metaphors&similesDANCE