ETD Recording at Germano Studios / by Andrew Tran

I am so excited to share this incredible news! On May 15th at the famous Germano Studios, Stephan Michael Smith, American symphonic and choral conductor, conducted fourteen musicians to record four original scores for our 2017 Season. These scores include Daniel Tobias’ original Suite of Scores; Song for Cello and Piano (2010), The Missing (2010), and his newest addition, The Lure (2017).

This is an incredible opportunity for ETD and we are so grateful that these musicians donated their time to make this happen. Original compositions are something that is very important to me. I believe it is what sets my work apart from other contemporaries. Collaborating with musicians is a crucial part of my creative process. Without this inspiration, I would be left wanting more!

A GIANT thank you to the following musicians for making this collaboration possible:

Daniel Tobias (writer)

Salomon Lerner (writer)

Stephan Michael Smith (Conductor)

Lori Miller Abbott (violin)

Janice Ahn (violin)

Jennifer Ahn (violin)

Boris Baev (oboe)

Sandy Kaplan (cello)

Yaroslav Kargin (viola)

Nathaniel LaNasa (piano)

Sarah Ludwiczak (viola)

Matt Pavolka (bass)

Debbie Sepe (cello)

Helene Silverman (violin)

Phil Smith (bass)

Diane Weber (violin)

Alex Johnson (violin)

The music will be premiere during my fall New York City Season at The Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance.