NCG Recipient Spotlight / by Andrew Tran

Robert Mark Burke

Robert Mark Dance
Meagan Woods & Company
10 Hairy Legs


2017 ETD New Choreographer Grant recipient!

How long have you been dancing? What college did you attend?

I started dancing after seeing Peter Pan when i was 11 or 12.  I remember going home to my mom and saying "I want to fly like Peter"- the next week I was in a Musical Theater class and 10 years later, I graduated with my BFA from Rutgers University. 


When did you start creating work and what was the name of your first work? (feel free to elaborate)

My first dance was titled "Nucleus" as was a quintet that I made my freshman year at Rutgers.


Which choreographers inspire you the most and/or your favorite piece of choreography? 

I find myself learning something from every piece of dance I see.  It's what makes dance so satisfying- even if you don't love something, you can still learn from it.


What made you fall in love with choreography? Can you think of any specific moment in your life that made you realize you loved choreographing?

I truly fell in love with choreography when I made my first solo in high school.  It allowed me an emotional outlet for me.  Then when I made my first group dance, I became fascinated with relationships of the dancers- both spatially and emotionally.


What is your goal as a choreographer? Do you want to start your own company? Or, work project based?

Oh, I love this question!  There are so many options and so much has changed from day to day! Right now, I'm working project based but that's also because I'm still performing with other artists and companies.  My goal? That would probably be to just make as much work as I can when I feel inspired to- whether that means I create a full functioning company or just a project based company... only time will tell!