Kinds Words from Chuck Gomez / by Andrew Tran

EXPLOSION OF DANCE: Run to Martha Graham Graham Studio Theater in the Village before Sunday to see Eryc Taylor Dance Company weave a masterful tapestry of dance that is as enthralling as it is explosive. I was transported to the heavens and back by "Cycles" a 16-minute meditation on the mysteries of the universe--from the vastness of outer space to the wonders of the earth's sea.In the achingly beautiful movements of the dancers you'll feel weightless and powerless one moment and invincible and super-heroic the next. It's a tug-of-war in movement--always pulling and surrendering before seizing the final moment of triumph. I felt like I was punched in the gut. The piece was commissioned by Douglas Sills of the Douglas Sills Foundation. I was also moved by dancer Nicole Baker in "The Missing." In the wake of the allegations regarding Harvey Weinstein, I was reminded of how women must navigate in a male-dominated society--not as victims but as masters of their own fate. In her powerful dancing Ms. Baker appears to struggle with abuse being thrown against the floor of the Martha Graham stage with a force that startles us. Is it an invisible male tormentor who is forcefully flinging her to the ground? But in the end she rises above the dark forces that dominate her. She finds her light. I thought sexual identity was also at play in the powerful "The Box." Four dancers, two males and two females grapple for control. Mesmerizing. And for me the sorbet of the evening was "Chaise Lung"--a 1992 piece about sexual tension as played out in a very funny Tango. It was like Buster Keaton trying to convince Gracie Allen to take a whirl with him. And you won't be able to get Taylor Ennen's poufy crimson silk chiffon dress (with tulle petticoat peeking from underneath) out of your mind. It swings with a mind of its own.