Supportive Housing Network Conference / by Eryc Taylor Dance

On June 2nd, Eryc was invited to speak on the panel at the sixteenth annual Supportive Housing Network Conference New York along with Geneva Jenkins, one of ETD's instructors for the movement workshops held at the Postgraduate Center for Mental Health. Eryc made a presentation about ETD's workshops followed by a demo, and Geneva conducted her own demo as well. It was a huge success! Over 300 people attended and they loved participating in a few of our movement exercises! The audience gave wonderful feedback, such as this: 

I (and 6 of my colleagues) found the movement workshop valuable—in terms of personal enrichment, but even more, in terms of giving us hope that we can really engage the people we serve with movement.

In various buildings we have had a series of movement groups (walking, yoga, tai chi) which engage only a small percentage of the residents.  The examples enacted at the group gave us hope (and a roadmap) for engaging other residents who haven’t been attracted to our current movement groups.  It was particularly helpful to consider these in the context of staff and residents together, integral to the other work we do. 

But even if we didn’t plan on using the ideas/roadmap with residents, the work we do is very hard and we are notorious for not engaging in enough self-care.  To have a large conference like SHNNY attend to the mutual care of staff and residents is very encouraging.

We would like to thank Sarah Schenck, Chief Digital & Communications Officer of The Supportive Housing Network of NY We are thrilled by this outcome, and hope to expand our movement expression workshops to more supportive housing residencies in New York City!