2016 ETD/NCG Showing a Success! / by Eryc Taylor Dance

On March 25th, the 2016 ETD New Choreographer Grant recipients presented their works-in-progress at a studio showing at New York Live Arts. Both the 7PM and 8:30PM shows sold out. 

This is ETD's New Choreographer Grant 3rd consecutive year running. We are extremely happy to give young, aspiring choreographers a chance to showcase their creativity, talent, and work. We are also incredibly grateful to the patrons of ETD who support us annually and believe in our  mission. People often ask us why, as a relatively small nonprofit dance company, we hand out $3,000 a year. Eryc has not forgotten the time when he first started out, working to become a choreographer in NYC, and so with firsthand experience, integrated helping young choreographers into ETD's mission.

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