ETD 2016 Spring Audition / by Eryc Taylor

As we sorted through over 250 head shots and resumes a couple weeks before tonight's audition at Dany Studios I was overwhelmed yet excited at the response. Timothy handled most of the legwork sifting through submissions, and eventually we narrowed it down to 75 candidates whom we invited to the audition. I spent the whole day worrying about the heavy snow and the deterrent weather and what that would mean for our audition. To my relief, 40 dancers still showed up last night. 

Once everyone got their numbers, there was a quick interview & walk phase. During the individual interviews, Shoko (an ETD dancer for 3 years now) taught an adagio in the holding studio. We saw two group performances and made our first cut to 30 dancers. This year's cut was especially hard for me for two reasons. First, maybe it's just New York City, but dancers seem to be getting more and more technically skilled with professional poise at such a young age. Second, I was really just not used to the sheer amount in attendance. 

With 45 minutes left, I had Timothy play random music on Spotify and asked the dancers to solo improv. While technique is incredibly important, creativity and the ability to create a real & natural improv is a key component of ETD. At the end of it all, we invited 3 male and 14 female dancers to the call-back this Wednesday, February 17th.