...intimate and epic hour, which left the performance area speckled with sweat from an absurdly well-conditioned quartet whose interlocking limbs, twists, leaps, and general displays of intensity elicited gasps of awe (and, by evening’s end, a standing ovation)
— Scott Stiffler, ChelseaNOW
Something rarely achieved by choreographers in this world
— La Jornada
En ese sentido, la compañía neoyorquina resulta ser excepcional, pues si bien exige a sus miembros un entrenamiento técnico versátil, impecable y virtuoso, es también capaz de adaptarse a espacios alternativos y enfrentar riesgos creativos.”

(In this sense, the New York company is nothing but exceptional because while it requires its members to be versatile, flawless and have virtuous technical training, they are also able to adapt to alternative spaces and take creative risks.)
— Juan Hernandez of El Universal
— Gazelle Paulo of Freak Chic
His program held moments of brilliance by very strong dancers...
— Melanie Brown of Stage Buddy
It’s easy to see the appeal of his work which is sexy, exhibitionist, vaguely mysterious and undemanding to the eye or mind. Mr. Taylor clearly has a vision and philosophy and sticks with it.
— Joel Benjamin of Theater Scene
This constant tension, creates a visually exciting language between the dancers. And for the audience, a tantalizing mystery.
— Chuck Gomez of Huffington Post
With excitement, grace, power, and beauty, this is a company to watch.
— Devin Pullins of iDanza