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    Susana Blanco


As our programming with ETD Outreach is always growing, so must our teaching staff! Susana Blanco Fernández is new to #teamETD, but she is taking on our workshops by storm!

Having graduated with a Dance Science Degree from European University (Spain), Susana comes to us with a vast knowledge of multiple dance techniques. Her professional training includes Jazz, Hip hop, Contemporary, Latin Fusion and Flamenco! Susana is a jack of all trades and has performed with Sheila Barker, Ashlee Dawson, Maria Torres and AntBoogie, to name a few.

Beside her skilled dance training, Susana is also bilingual. This is an extremely helpful tool that she is able to bring with her to our workshops. Many of our client’s first language is Spanish so comprehending an english speaking dance workshop is difficult. Susana is able to successfully communicate with them on a more personal level. She is a highly sought after instructor and we couldn’t be happier to have her on our teaching staff!

We spoke with Susana to learn a little more about her life as a dancer in NYC...

When did you begin dancing?
When I was 13 years old.

Has being a dancer always been your dream job?
First my dream job was being a dancer, then I start to also love teaching and choreographing. But for now, being a dancer is on top of the list.!

When did you join ETD Outreach? I joined ETD last year doing substitutions and now I have my own workshops. I´m very happy to be a part of the ETD instructors.

Where do you teach for us?
I´m teaching for Acacia Network at Bronx and Anderson Av, and this friday I will start with PGCMH at Kelly St and Hull Av!

How has your experience been so far? On one hand, it is a challenge because they are not students going to a dance school. Some days they feel like they want to dance and other days they don´t. So as an instructor you have to find the best way to keep the workshop exciting for them and make sure that they are enjoying being there with you. On the other hand, I really feel very grateful when we finish the workshop and they said that they had a good time dancing.

What other dance, theater, or film companies have you worked for or taught with?
Right now I´m a dance member of Kalamandir dance company, and part of the cast of the musical "The Rating game". I also teach at Cathy´s Dance studios during the weekend, Jazz and Hip hop for kids and teenagers.

What is your ultimate goal as a professional dancer/instructor?
As a dancer - to dance on Broadway, or some big Production! :)

And as an instructor, in the future I would like to have my own dance studio in Spain and share with my students all the great things that dance gave me and continue giving me every day.

Describe your style of dancing and teaching. What artists have impacted you the most?
My style is a fusion! I´m a curious human and I love to learn, same as a dancer. I like to train in every single style to have the best part of each of them.

If a have to pick I would say that my favorites are Jazz and Hip hop.

Two artist that I admire, follow, and love are Sheila Barker and Jared Grimes. They are amazing dancers and choreographers but more than that they are incredible mentors and teachers. I really admire the way they teach and help all the students.

What public figure has had the biggest influence on you and why?
I don´t have any public figure that really make a influence on me. I love a lot of Broadway stars that makes me smile every time I see them on the stage; Bob Fosse, Gwen Berdon, and Liza Minelli. They are magic!

Do you have a quote or mantra that you live by?
"Every moment is precious to those who know the value of time" Branded Lux   

What's been the largest obstacle/struggle in your life to becoming an artist in NYC? How did you overcome it?
To get the artist visa to be able to stay in USA and work as a dancer.  Fighting, crying, breathing and with a looooooooot of support of amazing people.


#BuildaBridge Fundraiser Launch! by Andrew Tran


#BuildaBridge IS a cultural exchange program created by eryc taylor dance & umbral danza contemporea ac, A NONPROFIT DANCE SCHOOL LOCATED IN Mérida, MEXICO. fIND OUT HOW IT ALL STARTED AND HOW YOU CAN HELP BELOW!


Eryc Taylor Dance believes it is more important than ever to reach out to our neighbors to spread cultural unity through dance. #BUILDABRIDGE‘s goal is to transform ETD's ongoing relationship with Mexican nonprofit dance school, Compañía Umbral Danza Contemporánea A.C, into a full fledged annual cultural exchange program.

Since 2013, Eryc Taylor Dance has partnered with Umbral to host and teach dance workshops to the local residents from young, aspiring dancers, adult folkloric dancers, and youth victims of violence, abuse and mistreatment. ETD also stages full evening length performances during the tour, at venues provided by Umbral, free to the public. 

Adding to our programming, in April 2017, Eryc Taylor Dance hosted 9 female aspiring dancers from Mexico who were awarded Umbral's NYC Scholarships. Through this scholarship, the girls were able to take dance classes throughout New York City, which included Alvin Ailey,  Eryc Taylor Dance Company Class, and a special Dancehall workshop by ETD Outreach instructor, Jeo Flemming. Our partnership with Compañía Umbral Danza Contemporánea A.C is very powerful and we hope to increase our impact in 2018!

Eryc Taylor is of Mexican descent himself and feels strongly tethered to our work with Mexico and Latin America. With immigration being such a pressing issue in today’s world, Eryc feels that the power of dance can not only heal, but also create outlets to bring people together. ETD promotes diversity by helping participants in their host countries learn about each other's cultures through the use of movement- it is the perfect time for programs like ours to grow and expand. Especially when under-served children are involved. These children look forward to our visit every year; please help us make this year even better!

Head to the fundraiser page for more information & some perks!

Instructor Spotlight: Jeo Flemming by Nicole Baker





On a weekly basis, ETD Outreach teaches 100+ people a week at 17 sites for 5 different affordable housing sites around Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, and the Bronx. We are making a difference in our participants lives and couldn’t be more grateful for our professional and compassionate team of instructors. We want everyone to get to know each of team members  and learn more about their lives as professional dancers in New York City.

Our first interview is with Jeo Femming, one of our DanceHall/Hip Hop instructors who teaches over ten workshops a week for ETD Outreach:

When did you begin dancing?  
I started dancing at  2 years old.

Has being a dancer always been your dream job?
Being a dancer has always been my dream job!

When did you join ETD Outreach? Where do you teach for us?
I started working for ETD Outreach in 2015 - I teach at for PCMH, Acacia Network, Odyssey House, and Hour Children.

How has your experience been so far?
This experience has been amazing and changed my life completely.

What other dance, theater, or film companies have you worked for or taught with?
FIYAH Productions with Jessica Phoenix, MCDC, Breaking Boundaries, Camba, Music Brings Life Inc. Danza Productions, Reaction and Jamaican Mafia Movie

What is your ultimate goal as a professional dancer/instructor?
My goal is to spread dance culture and inspire those who have always wanted to pursue their dream as a dancer or dance instructor.

Describe your style of dancing and teaching.
My style consists of Dancehall fused with my personal style/moves and Hip Hop.

What public figure has had the biggest influence on you and why?
The man that has influenced me most is Michael Jackson. Ever since I was a child my dream was to be like him; sing, dance, and touch people's hearts all across the world. Today my nickname is The DanceHall King Of Pop.

Do you have a quote or mantra that you live by?

  • Follow Your Dreams
  • Never Give Up
  • Love Is The Answer From Jeo Da Dancer
  • Dance Dance Dance
  • My favorite catch phrase is "Ah Jeo Ye Ye"

What's been the largest obstacle/struggle in your life to becoming an artist in NYC? How did you overcome it?
My biggest obstacle was, and still is, proving to my family that you can make a living in this field. I honestly still suffer from this and haven't fully overcome it. I can say that following my dream and working for ETD has been the best thing that ever happened in my life.

 Check out the ever talented Jeo on...     Facebook  //  Twitter  //  Youtube  //  Sound Cloud

Check out the ever talented Jeo on...    Facebook // Twitter // Youtube // Sound Cloud

Happy New Year from ETD! by Nicole Baker

Happy New Year from Eryc Taylor Dance


Eryc Taylor Dance is celebrating an amazing year full of photographs, performances, tours, workshops, press, and more!




JANUARY 2017 // After over 300 submissions and three call-backs, Eryc Taylor Dance hired two new female dancers: Taylor Ennen & Alex Tenreiro Theis. They've been invaluable additions to the ETD family!





Hosting #BuildABridge

MARCH 2017 // A dozen dancers won scholarships from Umbral's annual performance series, Campeon de Campeones. They traveled from their homes around the Yucatan to New York City to take part in a week of dance training with the Company...




New Choreographer Grant (ETD/NCG)

MAY 2017 // "Each year hundreds of applications are submitted to our panel that work tirelessly to narrow it down to the top three...I am so impressed by the work created by Nick Rodrigues, Robert Burke, and Rachel Hettinger.... " -Eryc Taylor



Dancers For Good

JUNE 2017 // ETD is humbled and thankful to have performed at such a prestigious event geared towards helping those in the dance industry find their way. It is a cause very close to our hearts and we loved being a part of it.





ETD's First Commission

JULY 2017 // The Sills Foundation donated $10,000 to Eryc Taylor Dance to commission a new work—CYCLES! This year's Season would not have been possible without their generosity and support.



Martha Graham Studio Theater

OCTOBER 2017 // Press Release >>

ETD's Fall Season featured the premiere of, Cycles, as well as repertory pieces Chaise Lung (1992)Song for Cello & Piano (2016)The Box (2015), and The Missing (2010).

Mexico-Yucatan Tour

NOVEMBER 2017 // ETD performed its 2017 repertory at the International Dance Festival Avant Garde at Teatro José Peón Contreras. In addition, the Company offered free, open to the public concerts, workshops for professional dancers, and Movement Expression Workshops for young victims of violence, mistreatment and abuse.



ETD Outreach

This year, ETD Outreach has expanded to eight client organizations total, with a combined twenty-one workshops a week. There were also numerous special projects such as MOBILIZE at Lantern, that culminated in a joint performance at the Harlem Arts Stroll.

Movement Workshops
Testimonials >>
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As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit entity, Eryc Taylor Dance relies on the invaluable support of our patrons and their genorosity. As we push into the new year, we are geared towards expanding all our programming, performances, and outreach. Any amount will help. Thank you!

Happy Holidays and wishing you a joyous New Year!
*All donations are 100% tax-deductible

Eryc Taylor


Review from El Universal! (Translated) by Nicole Baker

  Song for Cello and Piano  (2017)

Song for Cello and Piano (2017)

Avant-Garde: danza multicultural


The National Network of Festivals has been reduced due to the disinterest of the National Institute of Fine Arts, through the Dance Coordination. It has ceased to be a guiding axis for the decentralization of choreographic activity, as well as an instrument to generate dance culture in the country.

In spite of everything, there are some festivals that maintain their activities, among them the Avant-Garde Festival, directed by Cristóbal Ocaña, in Yucatán. In particular, we emphasize this event by the peculiarity of its vocation. If dance festivals in Mexico is already rare, in the context of the current artistic activity, the Avant-Garde is twice as important.

The Yucatán dance festival is focused on the attention of vulnerable groups: people living with HIV, victims of sexual assault, indigenous Mayans, among others, who attended this dance event.

Avant-Garde is a festival with a social responsibility. It is not about keeping art as a privilege of the elites, but the festival's goal is to take it to the undeserved community in Mexican society. It's director, Cristóbal Ocaña, has had to find the resources to support such a project.

This year, Eryc Taylor Dance, a New York company with ten years of work, gave movement workshops to people of the Mayan community of Chocholá, as well as to girls who have been victims of sexual violence.

The objective of the workshops is to empower vulnerable groups and offer them a tool to recognize themselves as a person of dignity and rights. This is done through an introspection work, based in movement.

Eryc Taylor taught a choreography to the participants as a product of the week's workshops. The structure may have been simple, but the young people enjoyed the memorable experience. The piece was presented, first, in the esplanade of the Municipal Palace of Chocholá and, later, in the monumental José Peón Contreras Theater, in Mérida, the capital of Yucatán.

The Avant-Garde Festival is an independent artistic activity of Umbral Danza Contemporánea, AC, it also had support from the Municipality of Chocholá and the Ministry of Culture of Yucatán, a relationship that opened the doors of the José Peón Contreras Theater for the performances of Eryc Taylor Dance, on November 18 and 19.

The Eryc Taylor Dance, company with residence in New York, presented three choreographies in Chocholá, and five in the José Peón Contreras Theater. The outdoor function was a challenge, since the works were made for a conventional theater. However, the creator adapted a program that offered artistic rigor, to an audience that rarely has access to this type of cultural activities.

In the José Peón Contreras Theater, on the other hand, the American company offered choreographies Chaise Lung (1992), The Box (2015), Song for Cello & Piano (2016), The Missing (2010) and the Yucatán premiere of the work Cycles , with the dancers Taylor Ennen, Nicole Baker, Chris Bell, AJ Guevara and Alex Tenreiro Theis.

Having experience of the daily life in the Big Apple, the creator has a refined cosmopolitan language that formed the presented pieces. They offered a wide range of styles: from the gestural and theatrical humor of the piece Chaise Lung , with a stylized tango, to the deep emotionality of the solo The Missing , played with passion and dedication by the dancer Nicole Baker, or the abstract and sober language of Cycles, with contemporary electronic music.

The production of the works offer a sample of the interdisciplinary work, in which composers, costume designers, lighting and technical designers participate. The choreographies by Eryc Taylor, who is a keen stage creator, seek to introduce in his dances styles of movement, coming from the academic language of ballet, the expressive freedom of contemporary dance, popular dances and street dances, such as hip hop.

The Eryc Taylor Dance dancers enjoy the freedom to develop a personal way of moving, exploring their temperament, enhancing their personality and putting their life experiences at stake.

The multicultural feature of the company's cast is very significant in the era of current US President Donald Trump. Eryc Taylor is taking on the challenge "to create bridges, not walls", in such a way that their cast expresses the plurality of the identities of the world.

Chris Bell is an African-American dancer, AJ Guevara has Filipino roots and Nicole Baker is white-skinned. The multiculturalism of the cast is important, and in the current era, it is a political stance in itself. And so Taylor assumes this stance as a response to intolerance, racism and hate speech.

The New York company was presented for the third year in a row at the Avant-Garde Festival, an initiative that is part of the Umbral Danza Contemporánea, AC projects, an organization that has insisted on operating against the official cultural policy and adhering to the needs and demands of the most vulnerable groups in their immediate environment.

  Cycles (2017)

Cycles (2017)